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Business Assistance Grant Program: This program is local administered and funded, and provides cash-match grants for business property improvements such as building facades, business signs, landscaping, and demolition.  Property must be located within the City limits.

Following are the grant categories along with the maximum amount of cash-math grant funding available:


Grant Category

Max Grant Amount

Façade – Visually appealing improvements to the front of business buildings


Sign – New or renovation of business signs, and removal of abandoned signs

$ 750

Property – Items such as lighting, landscaping, parking lot improvements, etc.


Demolition – Demolition of unsafe, and/or abandoned business buildings


Please Note: Improvements may not commence prior to approval of a Grant Application.

Interested parties may download a copy of the Grant Criteria & Guidelines along with a copy of a Grant Application form below:


Tax Abatement: The City of Wallis offers tax abatements for business property expenditures within the City.  Any new or existing business creating only $50,000 or more in new taxable value is eligible to apply for abatement of the City's property taxes.  The amount of abatement granted is contingent on the type and value of the new taxable improvements.


If a tax abatement is granted, the City will facilitate applying for an additional abatement of Austin County taxes, but assurance of approval cannot be assured.


By law, school taxes may not be abated.
Section 380 Program: Section 380 of the Texas Local Government Code, provides the City of Wallis with the ability, on a case-by-case basis, to provide financial and other assistance to businesses which will promote local economic development and stimulate business and commercial activity in the City. If there is an interest in receiving Section 380 Program assistance, please download, complete, and submit Application for the Program.

Other Assistance:

The Small Business Development Center(SBDC):  The SBDC provides professional assistance in planning a new business or improving your current business.  Some of the types of assistance available are as follows:

  • Development of a Business Plan
  • Development of a Financial Plan
  • Development of a Marketing Plan
  • Financial analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Inventory control
  • Cash management
  • More

The SBDC is supported by the Federal Small Business Administration, and therefore most of the services provided by SBDC professionals are free.  Some fees may apply to some services such as workshops, etc.


To avail yourself of SBDC services please contact:

     Small Business Development Center

     Blinn College

     108 Blinn Blvd.     

     Brenham, Texas  77833




Local Assistance: The City of Wallis Development Corporation's professional staff is ready to provide prompt and efficient servie to local and new businesses interested in expanding or imporving their business, or developing new commercial or residential projects.

Contact:     Wallis City Hall

                   6810 Guyler, Bldg B

                   Wallis, TX  77485



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