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 Service & Collection Guidelines for the residents of the City of Wallis


*Service Days and Hours

Monday & Thursday service will begin promptly at 6:30 a.m. Please have your waste curbside before 6:30 a.m.


*Holiday Schedule

Texas Pride Disposal observes four holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In the event that your service day falls on a holiday, collection will roll to the next regularly scheduled collection day.


*Household Trash

Waste should be placed curbside in the TPD-provided cart, personal trash cans 20-96 gallons & under 50 pounds, or sturdy bags not exceeding 50 pounds. Limit 8 bags per service day.


*Yard Waste

Yard waste should be bagged or placed in cans not exceeding 50 pounds. Branches may be placed curbside in clear, individual piles measuring no more than 3’ x 3’ x 3’, or tied and bundled no longer than 4’ in length or heavier than 50 pounds. Limit 8 bundles per service.


*Heavy Trash & Bulk Waste

Texas Pride Disposal will collect two heavy trash/bulk items per service day. Items include furniture, appliances, carpeting (tied and bundled), fencing (nails removed, tied and bundled under 4’ in length), and other items not disposed of regularly. Items should be curbside.


*Items Excluded from Regular Collection

The following items cannot be collected: dirt, rocks, brick, concrete, liquid paints, fuels, oils, tires, pesticides, fertilizer, and batteries.

1.What is the difference between a plea of not guilty, guilty, and no contest?

Not Guilty

The defendant is informing the court that he or she denies guilt or has a defense in the case and that the state must prove what it has charged in the complaint.

If you choose to plea "Not Guilty", you have a right to a jury trial, unless you waive that right and request a trial by judge. The court will then set you for a Pretrial court date to discuss your case(s) with the prosecutor. If you and the prosecutor do not come to an agreement during the Pretrial conference, you will then proceed to your trial setting.


A plea by which a defendant confesses to the crime with which the defendant is charged, or the verdict by which a defendant is convicted.

No Contest/Nolo Contendere

A plea in which the defendant does not contest the charge. Nolo contendere has the same legal effect as a guilty plea; however, it may not be used against the defendant as an admission of guilt in a civil suit based upon or growing out of the act upon which the criminal prosecution is based.

If you choose to plea "Guilty" or "No Contest", you can pay your charge off in full, start a payment plan, or your offense may be eligible for defensive driving or a deferred disposition. Get defensive driving information here and deferred disposition information here.


2. How much does my ticket cost?

The cost will vary. View a list of the fines (PDF) here. 

Please note: Not all fines are listed on the chart. For any fine not listed, you may call the Municipal Court for more information at 979-478-7111.


3. Can I take defensive driving for my ticket?


Your ticket may be eligible to dismiss through a Driver’s Safety Course. To find out more information regarding eligibility, please visit the Defensive Driving (DSC) page.


4. Is my ticket eligible for Deferred Disposition?


Your citation may be eligible for a Deferred Disposition. Deferred Disposition is an option that will keep your citation from being reported as a conviction on your driving record and will be dismissed if all terms required are successfully met. If any requirements are not met and you cannot provide a satisfactory reason why at a hearing before a judge, you will be found guilty and a conviction will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Please note: not all violations are approved for Deferred Disposition. If you are under the age of 25 and granted a deferred disposition you will be required to take defensive driving as a condition of your deferral. 



5.How will a conviction affect me?



Criminal convictions may result in any of the following based on your circumstances: 


  • Increased insurance costs or cancellation
  • Loss of driver’s license



6.Why do I have to pay court costs even if I don't go to trial?



Court costs and fees are required by the State Legislature and City Council. The court is required to collect them.


7.Will the court appoint an attorney for me?



No. If you would like to consult an attorney it will be your responsibility.



Utility Services for the City of Wallis

1. What are the requirements for residential new service

Complete an application

Copy of one form of identification must be a valid driver's license or photo ID card issued by DPS

Deposit as set by City Ordinance, $200.00, Senior 65 years or older with proper ID, $125.00, Commercial $300.00

All rental property will require a safety inspection before services will be connected.  Cost of inspection is $50.00. if inspection fails there will be a reinspection fee of $25.00

2. What are the billing and collection procedures

Utility bill includes charges for water, sewer, and garbage

Utility account is billed once a month.  Bills will be mailed out on the last working day of each month.  Bills are due by the 15th each month by close of  day (4:00PM)

3. What is the delinquency process

Non-receipt of the bill or delinquent notice does not release or diminish the customer's obligation to make a payment for service rendered.

A late fee is assessed if payment is not received by the payment due date 4:00pm


A late notice/disconnect notice is mailed if payment is not received by the payment due date

If payment is not received before disconnect date on notice, your account will be placed on a disconnect list,  utilities will be disconnected  and a $50.00 charge will be added to the amount due.

4. What are the methods of payments

Cash, Check, Money order or Credit Card (a fee is charged for credit card payments)

In person at City Hall 6810 Guyler St. Wallis, TX 77485

By Mail - Allow 5-10 days for delivery by the due date to City of Wallis, P. O. Box 190, Wallis, TX 77485

Drop Box - located at the end of the walk way in the front of City Hall 

5. Who can I contact in case of an emergency after hours

On call phone number for Public Works - 979-398-0289 or 979-398-4006


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