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The City of Wallis has a Mayor - Council form of government.  The City Council consists of six members, a Mayor and five Councilors.  The Mayor exercises a vote only in the case of a tie.  All powers of the City are vested with the City Council, which enacts ordinances, sets policies and is responsible for  the City's budget.


The City Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  Meetings are held at City Hall, and begin at 7:00 PM.  Agendas for upcoming meetings are posted a minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting.  Such posting is done at the entrance to City Hall.  All meetings are open to the public, and can only occur if a quorum of the Council is present.  Each meeting agenda provides for comments from the audience, and anyone is free to offer comments to the Council by attending the meeting and registering with the City Secretary.


Administration of the City is vested with a City Administrator and City Secretary who are directly accountable to the City Council.  Department heads serve under the direction of the City Administrator.


Violations of laws or ordinances within the City are adjudicated in a Municipal Court presided over by the Municipal Judge.  The Judge serves by appointment of the Mayor.


Election of City Council members is held annually in the month of May.  Council members serve two-year terms, with the terms being staggered.  The City does not employ electoral districts, thus all members run for at-large positions.  The candidates receiving the highest number of votes are elected to fill the Council seats up for election.


City of Wallis, City Council Members



Jerry Delso


Jerry Delso:

Jerry was elected mayor in May 2012. He moved to Wallis in May of 1982 and began his civic career as a coach with the Brazos Little League, where he served as vice president of T-Ball, and then president of the league. He enjoyed his time with the league for approximately 8 years. In 2000, Jerry became the trustee of the Brazos ISD school board and then later, the president, a position he served in for 7 years. Jerry and his wife of 30 years, Mary, are active members of First Baptist Church in Orchard.


Glen Kreitz

Glen Kreitz

Councilor James King

Board Director of

Economic Development Corp.

James King:  James has served on the City Council since May of 1998.  He also serves as a Director on the City of Wallis Development Corporation's Board of Directors.  He is the owner of King Construction Materials Co., Inc., a general Contracting company.  In addition to his service on the Council and Development Corporation's Board, James is a member of the Sons of American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Austin County Law Enforcement Alumni Citizen's Association.  He likewise stays involved in youth activities such as the Boy Scouts, and coaches a Youth Shooting Team.  James is a member of Guardian Angel Catholic Church.  He has a daughter, and his hobbies are firearms and shooting teams.

Councilor Clark Main, Jr.



Clark Main, Jr.:  Clark was appointed to serve a vacated seat on City Council in June of 2005.    He is employed as a Field Technician with Hanover Co.  Clark also serves his community through membership in the Wallis Volunteer Fire Department.  He is a member of the United Methodist Church.  He and his wife are the parents of a son.  Clark's hobby is golf.


Bernadette Parr


Bernadette Parr:  Bernadette has served on City Council since May 2009.  She is also treasure of the Mynarik Park Committee and the W.E.E. Hunt Committee.  She is a member of Guardian Angel Catholic Church where she serves on Parish Council, Ladies of Guardian Angel and the Bazaar Committee.  Bernadette serves as an officer with the Wallis Chamber of Commerce and is President on the Billy Parr, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser, which raises scholarship money for local high school seniors.  She is married, has four children, and five grandchildren.  Her hobbies are sewing and quilting and being there for her family.



Franklin A. Rohan

Economic Development Corp.

Franklin A. Rohan:  Frank was elected to City Council in May 2011.  He is a war veteran who served in the United States Army during the Viet Nam era and is currently employed with the City of Rosenberg.  Previously Frank held a three year term as Councilman during the 1986 election and was elected Mayor in 1989.  In 1996, Frank returned as Councilman serving the city for ten years.  We are very pleased to have him on board once again and graciously welcome his prior years of experience.  Frank is a lifelong resident of Wallis who has diligently attended to the community in all aspects.


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